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Lil' Hampers

Little, personalised and postable letterbox gifts. Handmade with love and full of Britain’s highest quality, regional food, AWARD WINNING, drinks and luxuries.

A full range to suit any budget, without skipping on the quality! All letterbox gifts come with a personalised message and include a showcase card with descriptions of the amazing products inside. Finally, beautifully wrapped and all tied up with a ribbon.

leanne and kyla

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Hi, Welcome to Lil Hampers, luxury letterbox hamper gifts.
We are 2 sisters from Yorkshire who love food, especially handmade. During lockdown there were no food festivals/farmer’s Markets and we really missed mulling around them trying new things. So we took the matter into our own hands and wanted to celebrate the amazing small businesses in Britain. We scoured the country looking for handmade, artisan products to showcase and deliver direct to customers and Lil Hampers was created. We personally seek out exquisite, award winning, locally made products that have been lovingly created.