Branding our Hampers using Sticker Mule

We needed to find tape that was of high quality, but didn’t increase the cost of the packaging of our luxury hampers. After using washi tape, the closest match of blue to our brand, although this did a good job of keeping the hampers secure in the post, we were still on the look out for something with more quality.

Whilst looking through Google at various websites that could create custom tape, we found the costs were to high or it was a mess about to try and get a quote for our requirements.

Eventually we came across Sticker Mule, who’s website was easy to navigate through and find exactly what we were looking for. The prices were per length of roll on the website and were less than what we were currently paying for washi tape, what more could we ask for?!

Then came, what should have been the difficult part, of how we put our logo on the tape. Again, Sticker Mule had made this so easy, it was just a case of uploading our logo to their website and choosing if we wanted the wording lengthways or width ways.

Finally, we had the option of ordering a sample to make sure our requirements had been met, but with their proofing methods, which showed exactly what the tape would look like, we decided to go ahead and order a full 15m roll to start with.

Shipping was really quick, and I can honestly say we are more than happy with our new packaging tape and it works perfect with our branding.

Our packaging tape arrived in a suitably protective box, and even included q personal touch inside, with one of Sticker Mules stickers and a coaster. BONUS!

I wanted to share this simple, straight forward and overall amazing experience I went through to get our hands on a high quality product for a great price, so what better way to do this than to share on our Lil’ Hampers blog.

This blog post was not sponsored by Sticker Mule, but if your ever needing packaging tape, simply click the link below, I can’t recommend Sticker Mule enough.

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