Asking yourself, ‘What makes us different?’


Well what a crap 12 months its been, not seeing family and friends, feeling isolated and lonely. Or have you been trying to juggle homeschooling with your job? Let’s face it, we’ve all been in this together, and all affected by it in one way or another. Finally it looks like hope is on the horizon, being given the freedom we had before Covid, I know I can’t wait for a bit more normality. But this isn’t going to be back to normal for a while for some, and what we at Lil’ Hampers have come to realise that so many of our beloved small businesses have suffered so, so much throughout this pandemic. Yes we don’t have many reviews, but we only opened our doors in April 2021, so we are in our very early days. That doesn’t mean that the products that we have personally chosen for our hampers don’t have reviews, some of them have even won awards! These are from businesses all over the country, who’s products aren’t on the shelves of your nearest supermarket, we scour the UK, talking to independent business owners who are passionate about their products, that probably started off in someone’s kitchen, or left a career to start up, or even just started as a hobby. However it started, it is their livelihood, most are family run businesses. So by buying from us, your are supporting our UK small businesses stay open for another day! Thanks for Reading

From the girls at Lil’ Hampers

Kyla & Leanne


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