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There’s nothing more summery than a cool, crisp G & T on a hot afternoon. Suck on one of these Gin and tonic gummies to be whisked away to an English garden party. All these candies are are made with natural colours and flavours, and never contain palm oil.


We all know adulting is pretty hard and 2020 has been even harder, being obligated to cast away things you enjoyed as a kid such as sweeties should not be banished. Sophisticated cocktails candies such as these Gin and Tonic Gummies are just what we need in the world right now, perfect as a gift to someone special or a gift for yourself because let’s face it, we’ve all been put through our paces this year.

Texture-wise these gummies are perfect, nicely balanced between soft and chewy – soft enough not to give your jaw a proper work out but firm enough to get a satisfying chew. Each gummy is distinct in flavour and taste exactly like a respectable cocktail, and although in reality there isn’t any alcohol in them, the flavour still gives you the same refreshing kick. Plus, because they’re non-boozy, you can totally munch on them on  your lunch break.

Weight50 g


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