Snack box Luxury Letterbox Gift Hamper by Post


Stuck for ideas for Low calorie snacks? Then check out this great hamper to help you to stay on plan. Locally made and each snack is less than 100 calories!

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Snack Box luxury letterbox gift hamper is filled with a collection of premium healthy snacks, all low calorie, both sweet and savoury that everyone will enjoy, all under 5 syns for those whose counting.

The perfect gift for someone special, you can’t go wrong with healthy treats.

This Luxury Gift Hamper filled with healthy snacks includes:

Salt & Pepper Popped Lotus Seeds by Handmade by Native

Our Sea Salt & Pepper Popped Lotus Seeds are sprinkled with sea salt and pack a peppery flavour punch! Perfect for whether you nibble or crunch at dinner or lunch. Think of them of them as having the crunchiness of a crisp and as light as popcorn.
– Vegan & Gluten Free
– 83 calories per bag
– 60% less fat than crisps
– Packed with plant-based protein
– Made in the UK

Sea Salt Crispy Seaweed Thins by Handmade by Itsu

Heralded as the new butterfly light vegetable crisp, they are the perfect eat beautiful snack. Less than 30 calories per pack, suitable for vegans and gluten free

Hazelnut Protein Bite by Handmade by Vive

Here at Vive make completely natural and indulgent protein snack bars. All of our products are lovingly made by real people at The BeeVive, our East London Chocolate Factory, ensuring that every batch is of the absolute highest quality.
Our bars are made using tasty real food ingredients. They’re full of nuts and all coated in a premium organic 74% Belgian chocolate.
We’re on a mission to Make Nature Taste Naughty!
High in Plant Protein & Fibre
Under 100 kcals per bite
100% Natural
Vegan & Gluten Free

Praline Meringue bar by Handcrafted by Flower & White

Introducing amazing fairtrade chocolate bars with a melting meringue middle. And a mind-boggling 95 calories per bar. You really can have it all!
And you can feel dead smug to know we only use natural ingredients, no additives, no nasties, we’re gluten free, veggie friendly and our packaging is 100% paper recyclable, made with FSC accreditation. Live lightly and brightly people!

Salted Caramel Marshmallow Bar by Handmade by Mallow & Marsh

Delightfully light and fluffy Salted Caramel marshmallow stuffed with chewy fudge pieces.
• 79 calories per bar
• Handmade in the UK
• No artificial colours or flavourings
• Absolutely no palm oil

Cream Filled Wafer Bar by Handmade by Love RAW

Love Raw has dropped the first ever cream filled wafer bar covered in our epic vegan milk chocolate. Showing two fingers to the competition, these bad boys are made of two crispy wafers filled with a layer of fluffy vegan hazelnut cream topped with our legendary chocolate.

Support your local UK businesses by ordering your luxury gift hamper today!


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