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Meringue Bars by Flower & White

Everybody deserves to be treated and at Flower & White we’re on a mission to make sweet treats that you really can feel good about. Our philosophy is to be light, under 100 calories, perfectly sized for sweet satisfaction and with the long-term aim of reducing sugar in our diets. We pride ourselves in using better, naturally grown ingredients. No additives, no E-numbers, just all-natural deliciousness. And if you happen to be gluten-free, we’re that too!



We hope you’d agree that we all need to tread more lightly on the planet.  There is always a better way and at Flower & White this is embedded within everything we do. Like fairly-paid farmers, palm oil free products, 100% recyclable paper packaging & heading for a plastic free life. Every decision we make we want to look back on with pride.

Meringue Bar