Tea by Teapigs

All teas are plucked then withered but it’s what happens next, and specifically how much the tea is allowed to ferment, that determines what type of tea it becomes.



As many of you may already know, our co-founders Nick and Lou spent good years working at Tetley before they embarked on the teapigs adventure, and their mission to bring quality tea to UK tea lovers. They started the teapigs journey from scratch, dreaming up the blends, building the ikea shelving and operating from a tiny office in Ealing. They secured start up funding from what is now Tata Consumer Products (then Tata Global Beverages) they’ve supported us at arm’s length with the boring (but very important) legal stuff. And we have kept our focus on what matters to us – our products, people, sustainability, and community projects.

teapigs operates out of Pump Alley in Brentford. We’ve nurtured and grown the teapigs brand over the years, being true to our values of quality, sustainability, community… and a frankly obsessive love of amazing tea by teapigs. All of which was cemented in 2019 when we were certified as a B Corporation – joining a community that considers people, environment and profit in equal measure when making business decisions.


black tea

Black tea is plucked from the bush and withered in the open air. When the leaf becomes soft it is twisted and then fermented. The fermentation is the most important and skilled stage; this is when the leaf oxidises and turns dark. Finally the leaf is cooked in a giant oven to seal in the flavour. Black tea is the British favourite, with milk and a couple of biscuits!



Rooibos tea, (pronounced “roy boss”) which is also known as red tea or Redbush tea is a soothing drink, sweet and nutty in taste, naturally caffeine free and low in tannin. It comes from the leaves of the Rooibos plant, which only grows in the Cedar Valley, deep in the heart of South Africa.

Rooibos is packed full of nutrients and makes a great caffeine free alternative to regular tea because – although it’s technically a “herbal” tea – you can still drink it with milk.


teapigs packaging

tea temple-image                                                                                            outer carton-image
tea temple                                                                                                outer carton

made from plant starch – pop in your council food waste                                   made from sustainable paperboard – recycle me



Honeybush & Rooibos, Chocolate Flake, Apple & Cinnamon, Strong Earl Grey