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Premium Bamboo Face Cloth by Immaculate Textiles

A perfect addition to any bathroom or salon, the gentle feel of the material also makes these face cloths ideal baby face wipes. Unlike disposable cloths / wipes, these can be used over and over again which is both cost saving and environmentally friendly.


Bamboo Face Cloths by Immaculate Textiles

PREMIUM QUALITY – These bamboo face cloths have a density of 400GSM and they are manufactured using 100% organic bamboo fibre. They are extremely soft to the touch and specifically designed for sensitive skin. Bamboo cloths are 4 times more absorbent than traditional cotton cloths and significantly gentler on your skin – They will not leave you with redness, irritation or inflammation.

MULTI-PURPOSE – Bamboo material lifts oil from the surface of your skin making these cloths perfect for steaming & unblocked pores. The super soft feel of these cloths make them great for removing make-up & facial cleansers.

ANTI-BACTERIAL – Bamboo fibre has natural anti-bacterial properties which is an important consideration when you are selecting a product to use on your face as bacteria on a wash cloth can lead to acne.

Supplier info

Immaculate Textiles are a small family run company based in Scotland. They sell only the highest quality premium microfibre, cotton & bamboo products.

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