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Coming Soon….. Vegan Friendly Chocolate

Well, after a very successful tasting session, we would like to welcome an AMAZING range of vegan chocolate from the lovely chocolate makers at Freedom Chocolate. These fabulous bars of chocolate will be making an appearance in our new VEGAN HAMPER very soon.

Freedom Chocolate is a small, family run artisan chocolate makers from Dumfries in Scotland. They have a huge passion for great tasting, hand-crafted vegan friendly chocolate. Using high quality ingredients that are ethically produced, their chocolate is craft by hand using age-old, skilled techniques. They use their own special recipes, blend raw ingredients, hand table across a granite slab to develop flavour and texture, before hand pouring and hand wrapping.

Freedom Chocolate is a raw chocolate that is made suitable for EVERYONE! Vegan friendly, free from dairy, soy, and nuts. Aswell as being gluten free, containing no refined sugar or preservatives.

Every single bar is a real labour of love ❤️?.

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